Artist Statement

James Langer is an Australian artist working with a mix of print-making techniques, digital software and drawing to produce a range of abstractions and collages that serve as a map of personal experience and perspective. An interest in writing and science also inform his work, and a general enjoyment of the absurd and ridiculous.

His work is the product of a method that attempts to navigate and dismember the information that is embedded within an image. By breaking something down to it’s base components and dragging them through a process that follows a formulated logic, he seeks to create something organic. The deconstructed components of the source images, themselves pieces of collected data, start to reflect maths-based systems like entropy, chaos and confluence, and act as much as a map of experience and social movement as an exercise in navigating imagery.

James' writing stems from acts of psycho-geography and wandering absurdism. His stilted prose are entirely self-serving.


James was born in Sydney, Australia and spent his early childhood living in Germany and  England before settling in Canberra, Australia at the age of seven. His childhood consisted of drawing, reading science fiction and fantasy books, and enjoying the company of bookish misfits like himself. He graduated from the ANU School of Art in 2008, majoring in Printmedia and Drawing, and with a Master of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of Arts. He has exhibited in Canberra and Melbourne, previously as Jimmy.